Using GitLab

Forking the project

To fork the project, login to your GitLab account and navigate to the GitLab repository. Click the icon Fork and the project will be added to your account.


Cloning the project

Navigate to your account and chose lh-toolkit project. You will see that it is forked and a link to the original repository.

cloning step 1

Click the button Clone and than a button to copy the link to the project.

cloning step 2

Launch your IDE and chose the option Checkout from version control and than Git.

checking out from git

You will see a pop up window inviting to indicate the URL and Directory. Paste the URL you copied from the GitLab to the URL field and chose the directory where you want to clone the project to in the Directory field.

saving locally

The project will be cloned to your local directory and you will be asked if you want to open it. Click “Yes”.

opening the project

You will see the project in the IDE.

open project in the IDE