Installation and running with DockerΒΆ

We have a repository which hosts docker compose and resource files required to build docker images and start containers that can be used by users and developers to test the latest code in the repository. The Docker container that is created uses standard tomcat7:jre8 and mysql:5.7 images.

The following is included:

  • the legacy-ui module

  • module

  • the owa module

  • demo database for Toolkit 2.1 SNAPSHOT

The tomcat:7-jre8 uses OpenJDK 8, which in turn uses Debian 8.1 (Jessie) base image. Thus the LH Toolkit is deployed on tomcat7. The MySQL 5.7 image is used for the database on which the 2.1 SNAPSHOT demo database is deployed. The main advantage of using standard images is that the updates to those are automatically available. The LH Toolkit.war is downloaded from the latest devbuilds that are uploaded to bintray, using Gitlab CI. Thus, the web application built from the master branch is available as part of this container. You only have to update the image and get the latest and greatest LH Toolkit that is available from the Continuous Integration.