System Developer: Concepts


System Developer can view concepts, manage concept drugs, proposed concepts, concept classes, datatypes, sources, stop word, attribute types and reference terms. These operations are described below.


Logging in as a System Developer

You need to be logged in as a System Developer to proceed with this tutorial. Navigate to Administration tab on the main dashboard on the top of the page and locate Concepts chapter.


Available operations

View Concept Dictionary

View Concept Didtionary allows searching the dictionary or downloading it in a .csv format.

concept dictionary

Manage Concept Drugs

Click Manage Concept Drugs to see available concept drugs or add a new one.

concept drugs

To add a new concept drug, click Add Concept Drug. To edit information on the existing drug, click on the name of this drug. Forms to fill are similar. Click Save when you finish filling or editing the form.

add concept drug form

You can also retire or permanently delete a concept drug.

Manage Proposed Concepts

Manage Proposed Concepts allows proposing a new concept.

proposed concepts

Click Propose New Concept to submit a new concept and fill in the form.

proposed a concept

Manage Concept Classes

Manage Concept Classes allows adding, editing or deleting a concept class.

manage concept classes

Click Add Concept Class to submit a new concept class and fill in the form.

a new concept class

Click Save Concept Class to save the form.

Manage Concept Datatypes

Manage Concept Datatypes allows viewing existing datatypes.

view datatypes

Manage Concept Sources

Manage Concept Sources allows editing existing or adding new concept sources.

manage concept sources

Click Add New Concept Source and fill in the form.

new concept source

Manage Concept Stop Word

Manage Concept Stop Word allows editing existing or adding new concept sources.

concept stop word

Here you can select and Delete Selected Concept Stop Word(s), edit them or add a new one by clicking Add New Concept Stop Word.

new stop word

Manage Concept Attribute Types

Manage Concept Attribute Types allows editing existing or adding new reference terms.

manage concept attribute types

Click Add Concept Attribute Type to add a new attribute type and fill in the form.

new concept attribute type


A System Developer can perform different operations to manage concepts in the system.