System Developer: Visits


System Developer can manage visit types, attributes and configure visits. These operations are described below.


Logging in as a System Developer

You need to be logged in as a System Developer to proceed with this tutorial. Navigate to Administration tab on the main dashboard on the top of the page and locate Visits chapter.

visits chapter

Available operations

Manage Visit Types

Manage Visit Types will redirect you to the form where you can either edit an existing visit type or create a new one.

create visit type

Click Add Visit Type to access the form where you can fill in information about a new visit type.

describe visit type

Once you are ready, click Save Visit Type. This will redirect you to the previous page and the thew visit type will be added to the list. You can edit it, retire or delete by clicking on this visit type and making the necessary changes in the form. If you choose to retire a visit type, it will appear crossed in the list of visit types.

edit visit type

Manage Visit Attribute Types

Click Manage Visit Attribute Types to see available relationship types or add a new one. To add a new visit attribute type, click Add Visit Attribute Type.

visit attribute types

Fill in information on the new visit attribute type and click Save Visit Attribute Type

add visit attribute type

You will see this new type in the list of available types and can change or delete it by clicking on it and making necessary changes.

Configure Visits

Configure Visits allows enabling or disabling visits and starting auto close visit tasks. Click Save after making the necessary changes to apply them.

configure visits


A System Developer can perform different operations to manage visits in the system.